Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Paper Conservation

On Monday and Tuesday morning, the small staff of the medical library history collections had the opportunity to learn more about paper conservation. Gloria Bradshaw, Senior Conservation Technician, came to history collections and taught us how to do tape/adhesive removal, staple removal, paper clip removal, label removal and how to deacidify paper. The removal of these material prevents acidic deterioration, one of the largest problems in paper preservation.

It was really great and I was so excited to add another tool to my tool belt. It was also great to have Gloria's help with our Lab Safety (which we've been trying to get up to code-no lab safety procedures/documentation up to this point). I would have to say that one of the best parts was talking to Gloria informally about the conservation field. About the strict hierarchy that academic conservators adhere to (pun intended). All in all, the most important part of conservation is the artifacts!! Not the prestige of the person working on the artifacts. I would like to continue my education in conservation, but I hope I always remember the reason behind the work.

Gloria in action!

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