Saturday, July 7, 2012

Conservation under the Microscope


  • Leather
Grain surface (left) and cross section (right) of leather, six different tanning techniques (SEM).

  • Skeletal Material

Micrographs of osteons from two different samples from Terme del Sarno (SEM).
Top a and b are from well preserved sample TS4
Bottom c and d are from deteriorated sample TS23.

  • Wood

Micrographs of waterlogged archaeological wood from Bowling Farm Site (SEM)

Micrographs of Redwood (Metasequoia) sample after 60 days anaerobic degradation in an artificial enivronment (SEM).  

  • Textiles

Micrograph of freeze dried cloth from man's handkerchief, recovered from deep-sea environment (SEM).


  • Glass

Glass Delamination and Crizzling (SEM)

  • Ceramics
Micrograph of ceramic vessel (SEM).

  • Stone
  • Iron
Optical micrographs of iron artifacts from the Xiongnu Empire (3rd century BC-2nd century AD) in Mongolia.

Micrograph of an iron artifact with slag inclusion.

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